The Coercian of Consciousness


A currency perhaps even more lucrative than paper it seems, is the human consciousness.
Everywhere something is vying for our attention.

“Look at this news story, look at that celebrity, buy this product, listen to the new laws, watch this sport, join this religion, give us 2 minutes for market research, fill in your personal information”

The blatant and distractive attention grabbing portrays a disturbing, parasitical side to humanity.

The aim is to capture your attention, and keep you distracted.                                                                                                                                   To coerce the divine consciousness into a synthetic matrix conceived by psychopaths.


The information presented to us by the mainstream is clearly designed to fit within a controlled, narrow bandwidth of awareness.
This ensures the information imparted fits within the social paradigm.                                                                                                                 That the entertainment does not encourage the viewer to think outside of “the box”, nor stimulate his true intellect or imagination.
The programming stays trivial, mundane, and, at times, bizarre and perverse.

The school and education systems mirror the trends and perceptions of the mainstream, ensuring that we are indoctrinated from a young age into the secular, the domesticated.
Political correctness further modifies the behavior of a large chunk of the population.
As hominids, we naturally strive to be accepted socially, thus we strive to be accepted into a false society.

Ergo the superficial has become the forefront of our existence.

The consequence of this, is a disconnection from nature, and an ignorance of the sacred, the mystical.
Sensory input from the natural world has been replaced by an accelerated bombardment of artificial stimuli.
Bound by an illusion, have we lost the inner mystical yearning so prevalent in certain ancient societies?

Plant entheogens that can help us realize the falseness of illusion and expand awareness, such as marijuana, and psylocibin, are vilified and outlawed.  The profound authenticity of the entheogenic experience dismissed as some kind of drug induced confusion.
Substances that lower awareness and stifle cognition, such as anti depressants, refined sugar, and alcohol, are not only permitted, but promoted.

Rather than to take one beyond the matter binded self to realize timeless truths and experience new realms of being, the drugs in our society have been adopted solely to grease the wheels of commerce.

Stimulants such as sugar and coffee keep workers alert during long hours of repetitive labor, whereas alcohol serves to relieve the pent up stress and boredom accumulated in a mundane work environment.
Tobacco, an entheogen, is transformed into the product “cigarettes”, which, by the time they reach the smokers lips, contain such a vast array of toxic additives they are really not worth smoking at all.

Mainstream society is a synthetic matrix, as such, many of the foods, drugs, arts, and musics have been altered to fit within the paradigm of this matrix.

Modern human is constantly under surveillance by an all encompassing network of technological tracking devices.
While an all pervasive influencing force is obvious, personal responsibility must be taken into account.
When man accepts a lifestyle that is unnatural, and harmful to his genome as normal, not only does he give himself to an illusion, he  takes part in a form of consensual slavery.



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